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South Dakota Rural Water’s Annual Technical Conference January 14-16 in Pierre

January 9, 2020

This group of engineers will be attending the conference January 14-16. Stop by our booth on Wednesday, January 15, talk to our engineers and learn what we can do for you!


Drinking Water System Design Engineer

November 2, 2018

DGR Engineering currently has career opportunities in its Water Services Department. DGR’s Water Services Department specializes in the design of wells, water treatment, pumping, storage, and distribution systems for rural water systems and municipalities throughout the region. Typical projects involve studies and cost estimates for improvement or expansion of existing rural or municipal water systems followed by the design, bidding, and construction administration of the facilities that are part of the project.

We are seeking Civil Engineering graduates (MS preferred) with an emphasis in water supply, treatment, pumping, storage and distribution system design course work. Typical work assignments involve design, plan preparation, construction administration, and construction observation. Knowledge of Excel and AutoCAD computer design software is desired. Experience with water distribution system modeling software and GIS software would be a plus. Communication skills and the ability to work with a wide variety of clients are important. Applicant must be willing to relocate to within commuting distance of Rock Rapids, Iowa.

Our firm offers a competitive salary and benefits package with opportunities for advancement and ownership in a challenging and professional work environment. Qualified individuals should apply below.

Pipeline Construction

October 12, 2018

Construction of the North Core Pipeline project consisted of approximately 70 miles of pipeline from near Ft. Pierre to Philip, four ground storage reservoirs, and four pump stations.  The project included 12-inch through 16-inch diameter pipe, valves, stream crossings, and miscellaneous appurtenant work.  The pipeline route followed the route of Highways 14/34 with some cross-country segments.  Stream crossings were installed using a directional boring method as to avoid disturbance to fish and wildlife.  The pipeline system was designed for over 1,700 gpm and brought water service to rural customers and small communities in western South Dakota.

Water Storage Tank Repainting

October 12, 2018

The Morningside elevated water storage tank has been providing water service to Sioux City residents and businesses since 1958. DGR Engineering evaluated the condition of the existing coatings to determine an appropriate maintenance strategy. The selected strategy is expected to provide excellent corrosion protection to the structure for 25-30 years into the future.

The residential location of the tank caused the City to include a containment shroud as a project requirement. The shroud successfully prevented blasting debris and paint from drifting off-site to neighboring properties.

In just under four months, the tank was drained, sandblasted, and nearly 1,900 gallons of paint applied to over 100,000 square feet of surface area.  The tank was then returned to service.

Water Source Development

October 12, 2018

Red Rock Rural Water System was looking at the prospect of a costly rate increase from the City of Windom, who is one of their primary water suppliers.  In addition to meeting their own water needs and selling water to Red Rock, the City of Windom supplies water to the City of Bingham Lake and the nearby POET ethanol plant.  Windom’s water supply was on the decline and they were considering a new water source from a deeper groundwater formation that would require reverse osmosis treatment and a hefty increase in water rates.

DGR Engineering was already working with Red Rock on a constructing a new 1.2 MGD water treatment plant.  During the water source exploration phase of that project a potential source was identified in a shallow alluvial aquifer along the Des Moines River.  The only problem with the site was that it was within a mile of the County landfill, which could be a major problem from a public perception.  However, the bad optics for a drinking water source wasn’t a problem if the source was developed as an industrial water supply.

Looking for a good regional solution to Windom’s water crisis, DGR Engineering and Red Rock Rural Water System teamed up with POET to perform a program of exploratory drilling, test pumping and well field development.  DGR designed three production wells capable of supplying 1.4 MGD to the ethanol plant and 9-miles of 10” diameter raw water main to transmit the water from the source to the point of use.

Red Rock’s out-of-the-box approach to a declining water supply and their long-term relationship with DGR Engineering ended up being a win-win-win situation for everyone.  POET had a new water source with a lower cost of production while keeping Windom as a back-up supply.  POET continues to pay for the debt retirement on their original Windom water source in exchange for an emergency connection.  Red Rock avoided a rate increase on their water purchases from Windom, allowing them to continue to utilize a vital water source for their system. Windom was able to reduce their water use by 1/3 and cancelled their plans for a new RO water treatment plant, saving the residents the cost of a rate increase.  The entire project was Addition by Subtraction.