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Hospital Site Development

September 28, 2018

Sioux Center Community Hospital relocated their hospital facility, which required the completion of several smaller projects in conjunction with the overall hospital construction project.

The new hospital facility design included City utility connections, accounting for the increased traffic on the local road system, mass excavation to accommodate the side hill construction and walk-out basement, a storm water study to analyze the adjacent natural drainage creek, a new helipad facility, a decorative garden overlooking the retention pond, as well as a mobile MRI parking bay. The facility opened in the spring of 2014.

Site Development

September 28, 2018

DGR performed the boundary and topographic surveying as well as the site design of school building addition as a subconsultant of Architecture, Inc.

The school facility addition design included storm sewer upgrades, pedestrian facilities to multiple building levels, enhanced and expanded parking, as well as access road design to facilitate the future campus growth.

The design also included realigning water main and sanitary sewer main beneath the building link to avoid proposed footings as well as a rainfall harvesting system to collect and recycle rainwater from the building roofs.

Low Head Dam Design & Survey

September 28, 2018

DGR performed the topographic survey as well as the design of the low head dam.  Construction of the dam involved removing an existing dysfunctional dam and installing sheet piles and rip rap.  After construction, the water table rose, benefiting the City’s well fields, and the water quality improved downstream.

Commercial Park Development

September 28, 2018

DGR Engineering worked alongside the City of Sioux Center and Sioux Center Land Development to help secure Iowa DOT RISE funding.  Following a topographical survey and preliminary design, DGR performed the boundary survey which included transferring new road right-of-way to the Iowa DOT.

The design and construction included evaluating the current and future growth trends of this portion of the City, such that sanitary sewer and water distribution system could be adequately sized to serve this development and future growth.  The storm sewer design not only included the sizing of storm sewer pipe, intakes and stormwater detention basins, but also addressed an existing, undersized culvert beneath Highway 75.  A phased traffic control plan was necessary to facilitate 2-way traffic on Highway 75 while a new culvert was being installed.  DGR also worked with the businesses who relocated their operation along the highway frontage during the planning, design and construction phases to help the project best fit the end-user needs.

Site Design, Survey & Staking

September 28, 2018

DGR performed the site design as well as the topographic surveying and construction staking of new Kuyper Residence Hall on the campus of Dordt College.

The new residence hall design included storm sewer upgrades, pedestrian facilities to multiple building levels, as well as some embankment work to match the existing site constraints.

Due to the building height, a perimeter sidewalk which serves as the access drive was included in the design to meet fire code.