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Mainline Distribution Circuits

October 5, 2018

The project included the construction of three new mainline 13.8 kV circuits on the City’s distribution system to increase capacity and reliability.   The circuits were built in underground fashion; two extending from the City’s substation near the airport to the downtown area, and one extending from the City’s substation near the airport to the event center.  DGR services for this project included the initial study work, project development, engineering design, permitting, construction administration, and resident construction observation.

Electrical Distribution Conversion

October 4, 2018

The project included full services for the conversion of the utility’s distribution circuitry from overhead to underground.  The conversion was completed in several project phases as part of a multi-year process.  The project also included the construction of several new circuits that were integrated to new substations being built in the same timeframe.  DGR services for the project included the reliability study work, preliminary planning, permitting, engineering design, material procurement assistance, construction administration, and resident project observation.