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Don’t wait for attackers to expose your vulnerabilities!
Take proactive steps today to strengthen your cyber resilience.

A personalized cybersecurity roadmap from our experts will enhance your security, satisfy cyber insurance requirements, and meet any potential regulatory compliance.


We have partnered with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), industry-leading experts in the utility and cybersecurity fields, to provide innovative and comprehensive turn-key solutions that protect your critical infrastructure and operational data from cyber threats.


Our team of local and industry experts brings decades of experience in delivering custom, scalable solutions tailored to meet your unique OT needs. We use cutting-edge technology and processes to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats from compromising your system.  Our personalized roadmap gives you the freedom to choose the equipment and solutions you prefer, regardless of the vendor.

What’s included in the FREE assessment:

Experts will analyze your OT system and
provide a personalized executive report
with key findings and prioritized
recommendations.  Assessment
components could include (if feasible):

1. Organizational cybersecurity maturity metrics.
2. A system architecture review.
3. A vulnerability analysis of network traffic.
4. An external risk exposure analysis.
5. Review any security gaps and solutions.

What is IT?  What is OT?

In the utility industry, information technology (IT)
is the corporate business network (think accounting and billing data). Operational technology (OT) is the field device control systems and network infrastructure (think SCADA and
distribution automation). Best practice for managing risk and smooth operations is to isolate IT from OT.

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