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Water System Improvements

April 8, 2024

DGR Engineering (DGR) worked with the City of Sheldon on a comprehensive study of the Sheldon’s drinking water system. The first phase of the study was to develop a computerized hydraulic model of the drinking water supply system, including pumping facilities, water storage structures, and the network of underground pipelines. The goal of the first phase was to identify the condition of the underground pipelines.

A second phase of the comprehensive study was undertaken to review the adequacy of water storage by utilizing the newly developed hydraulic model. The study found that the City would soon be in need of additional volume of stored water to meet the regulatory requirement for fire protection. With the hydraulic model now built, DGR was able to easily simulate different designs and graphically interpret how the performance of the water supply system changed with the addition of a second water tower. It was determined that a new water tower, located in the southeast corner of the City, along with a looped pipeline, would meet the volume requirement and more. Not only would the water tower help to meet the volume requirement, but the looped pipeline would increase fire flow capacity and provide hydraulic balance. An equalized hydraulic balance allows the water level in the two towers to “float” together so that the full volume of both towers can be used, rather than having one tower overflowing when the other is not yet full.

The water tower is lighted in accordance with FAA Standards because of its proximity to the Sheldon airport.

Erection of the tower was complete by August of 2023, allowing enough time for the field painting work to take place before cold weather set in. Painting is now complete, and the water tower serves as both a critical piece of Sheldon’s drinking water infrastructure and as a welcome beacon for the City.

Water Storage Tank Repainting

October 12, 2018

The Morningside elevated water storage tank has been providing water service to Sioux City residents and businesses since 1958. DGR Engineering evaluated the condition of the existing coatings to determine an appropriate maintenance strategy. The selected strategy is expected to provide excellent corrosion protection to the structure for 25-30 years into the future.

The residential location of the tank caused the City to include a containment shroud as a project requirement. The shroud successfully prevented blasting debris and paint from drifting off-site to neighboring properties.

In just under four months, the tank was drained, sandblasted, and nearly 1,900 gallons of paint applied to over 100,000 square feet of surface area.  The tank was then returned to service.