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Athletic Field Site Design

April 8, 2024

Project planning by Augustana University and DGR Engineering to upgrade Bowden Field to a championship level began in 2018, and eventually culminated in a new facility which opened for the 2023 season.

The biggest challenge: fitting a new modern facility within the existing field’s footprint (circa 1991). To achieve this, home plate was shifted approximately 12 feet south to maintain existing fencing dimensions and provide room for chair back seating and a fan suite/press box behind home plate. Also, an extended planning process was necessary to balance donation momentum with the university’s facility expectations for a championship-level facility.

The final project plan balanced design goals with the funding while utilizing bid alternates for several features to allow the University flexibility in decision-making in the following areas:

• Lighting
• Outfield padding
• Dugout Cabinets
• Press box lift
• Home team dugout kitchenette
• Chairback seating – Potential future addition space

The final result is a state-of-the-art facility that all parties can be proud of and that will serve the needs of Augustana University’s softball team and its fans for many years.

Track & Field Facility Improvements

April 29, 2021

Track & Field Facility Improvements

IMG_1015 edit

Coordination with multiple entities leads to successful school district project

Parkston, SD Improves Track and Field Facilities for 2018-2019 Season

Project Owner:
Parkston, SD School District

Key Experience:

  • Full track and field expansion while maintaining existing football field
  • Coordination with owner, architect, contractor
  • Unsuitable sub-grade requiring a specific track section based on soil conditions

Key Features:

  • New facility with 8-lane track, long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus and pole vault facilities
  • New grandstand with crow’s nest, concession stand and bathrooms
  • Drainage improvements within the track

The Parkston, SD School District wanted to upgrade their facilities to replace existing track, field event areas, and grandstand. DGR Engineering (DGR) teamed up with Puetz Corporation to work with the school district on solutions to meet their needs. DGR designed the track and field layout, and Puetz Corp. planned the grandstand portion of the project.

Lack of proper drainage around the track had led to major cracks and the track’s surface was deteriorating. Soil borings indicated highly saturated and frost susceptible soil conditions underneath the track. Based on information from the geotechnical report and discussions with the architect and school district, the track area was subcut 3’ so suitable drainage fill could be brought in to minimize frost/heave and drainage issues. If not addressed, these issues could ultimately lead to shifting and cracking of the new track surface.

Drainage adjacent to the track was improved to enhance runoff and extend the life of the new track. Track lane markings put the finishing touch on the ½” rubberized mat surface placed over 3.5” of asphalt pavement.

The old facility featured an eight-lane track with 36” wide lanes. The old track and grandstands were removed, and lane width was increased to 42”. With this new wider lane width, Parkston School District will be eligible to host regional meets.

New grandstands were installed, along with all new field event facilities. To accommodate the wider lane widths, the track had to be shifted within the site constraints to maintain the existing football field and light poles and to minimize additional costs to the school district.

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Tracks & Sports Complexes

September 27, 2018

DGR has performed the planning and design of multiple athletic tracks and sports complexes for several communities in the region. The competition facilities are used by little leaguers up to NAIA college events.

Track renovations include overlaying or replacing existing base pavement and drainage. Most tracks are finished with a striped polyurethane all-weather surface.

Tennis court construction varies between 2 or 4 courts with new fencing and surfacing. The courts are usually a reinforced concrete pavement covered with a multi-layer surface.

Baseball & softball diamond layouts include varying configurations that are fan friendly and maximize the use of available space and allow for proper drainage.

Soccer field complexes vary in layout and sizes to maximize the viewing of the variety of ages and playing abilities.


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