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DGR Engineering Welcomes Blake Schmidt

January 26, 2021

DGR Engineering Welcomes Tirzah Starr

January 15, 2021

DGR Engineering Welcomes Christian Stekl

January 11, 2021

DGR Engineering Welcomes Bayley Colemer

January 8, 2021

DGR Solutions Winter Newsletter

January 4, 2021

Read the first issue of 2021 Solutions newsletter here. Learn about the challenges involved with the Siouxland Expo site design in Sioux City in our feature story. Other stories include a road and utility update in Irene, where funding was a critical factor to its success; as well as a sewer system rehab project in Rembrandt. Learn which power pole is right for your project on page 8, and much more!

Read the newsletter here.