City of Hawarden, IA

Hawarden, IA

Key Features:

  • New 6” Concrete Pavement
  • New Storm Sewer
  • Sanitary Sewer repairs
  • Funding from property tax assessments
  • New ADA ramps to the road

Key Experience:

  • Significant coordination/ communication with contractor and residents during construction to limit inconvenience
  • Weekly project updates
  • Key local collector route

Street and Utility Improvements

Poor drainage was causing accelerated deterioration along Hawarden’s Avenue L, which serves as the primary collector route to the town’s nursing facilities and the local hospital. When repeat efforts to patch and repair this critical stretch of roadway were only fleetingly effective, the City of Hawarden partnered with DGR Engineering to develop a comprehensive approach for improving Avenue L for the long-term benefit of the community.

The improvements included installing a new storm sewer system, making repairs to the existing water main and sanitary sewer, and taking steps to improve future drainage, all before installing new 6” concrete pavement.