Subdivision Development


NEW Subdivision development
Provides Growth Opportunity

Project Owner:
City of Minneota, MN

Key Features:

  • New residential subdivision near school
  • City-funded residential development
  • Extension of existing sanitary sewer to facilitate future development, looping of water system to improve hydraulics

The City of Minneota was facing a shortage of new residential lots. After several years of deliberation and evaluation, the City elected to proceed with a development of 13 lots on two cul-de-sacs located on city-owned land located in an ideal location for new residential lots; less than a quarter mile from schools, swimming pools and the local bike trail system. The addition of these new lots gave the City of Minneota opportunity for growth and an increased tax base.

In addition, the development allowed an extension of the sewer system for future development opportunities on the north side of town. It also enabled the City to loop their municipal water mains, improving system hydraulics. To make room for the project, the City needed to relocate their existing burn site to another location. In doing so, they also made provisions for a future material stockpile site at the new location.

DGR Engineering worked with the City to develop multiple concepts for the property development, and the City ultimately decided to build two cul-de-sacs that provided a setting for some walk-out lots. The sanitary sewer system was installed with extra depth, and extended across Lyon County Highway 10 to lay the groundwork for future development opportunities. The water system that was installed to facilitate the subdivision was also extended to loop into existing water mains and provide for improved system hydraulics.

The project was let in March 2018 and the final lift of asphalt was recently completed after a freeze/thaw cycle to minimize long-term settlement issues. New home building in the development is expected to commence soon.

Site Overview