L&O Power Cooperative

Rock Rapids, IA

Key Features:

  • Optical Ground Wire ( OPGW) transmission line
  • 4.5- mile underground fiber line



Key Experience:

  • Determined the optimal routes, materials, and cable locating requirements
  • Coordinated installation of a new 4.5-mile underground fiber line to connect their building to the OPGW network
  • Consulted with local utilities to optimally navigate rights-of-way. DGR’s team acquired necessary permits
  • Specified and procured all components, including fiber optic cables, hand holes, pedestals, equipment racks, patch panels, Ethernet switches, test equipment, patch cables, and more
  • Testing the fiber optic cable after project completion provided L&O with baseline data to be utilized for future troubleshooting

Upgrading Communications

L&O Power Cooperative (L&O) was determined to improve communications on its electric transmission system. DGR engineers explored different solutions. Fiber was chosen since it is fast, reliable, secure, and offered data capacity that exceeded L&O’s projected future needs.

DGR recommended utilizing L&O’s existing transmission lines as the backbone for their fiber network, replacing the static wire on most lines with an Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) design. DGR was tasked by L&O to design a new transmission line to include OPGW.

DGR proposed the installation of a new 4.5-mile underground fiber line to connect their headquarters to the OPGW network. DGR determined optimal routes, materials, and cable locating requirements. Engineers also consulted with local utilities to navigate rights-of-way and acquired the necessary permits.

L&O ultimately decided to take on the locating responsibility themselves. With the help of precise Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment that integrated into GIS and some additional effort during installation, L&O could perform locating services, accurate to within a few inches.

DGR developed plans and specifications for two separate contracts for the construction of the underground project, one for underground cable installation and the other for fiber splicing. The scope of the installation included all cable plowing, trenching, boring, and pulling required for each L&O station site as well as the 4.5-mile mainline project. The fiber splicing connected the OPGW system to the underground cable system.

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