Owatonna Public Utilities and Southern MN Municipal Power Agency

West Owatonna, MN

Key Features:

  • Existing substation site was redesigned to meet the Owner’s current needs
  • Complex construction sequence and a hands-on approach
  • Emphasis was placed on coordination and communication to the parties involved throughout the project

Key Experience:

  • Collaborated with Owners, OPU and SMMPA, to identify project construction constraints and limitations
  • Created an outage schedule/work plan to curb the overall complexity of the construction process
  • Communicated the outage schedule to be on the same page as the contractors, testers, OPU and SMMPA

Substation Expansion

OPU needed expanded power transformer capacity to accommodate growing customer power needs at the West Owatonna substation, but faced contingency issues connecting into the substation’s 69 kV buses. To address this design limitation, DGR Engineering designed a joint 161 kV project with OPU and SMMPA, OPU’s power supplier.