City of Irene

Irene, SD

Key Features:

  • Drainage and roadway improvements.
  • New above-ground package lift station.
  • CIPP sanitary sewer lining.
  • Manhole lining or replacement.
  • SRF, CDBG, and Community Access Grant.

Key Experience:

  • Coordination with property owners and multiple contractors.
  • Funding agency coordination.
  • Prioritizing project needs to fit within the client’s budget.

Street and Utility Improvements

The City of Irene made a big decision to invest tax dollars and utility fees into significant reconstruction work and to pursue funding to upgrade the remaining infrastructure, improve drainage, and install new street surfacing. DGR Engineering (DGR) went to work immediately, pursuing potential funding options. The City was successful in receiving a funding package. In all, 74% of the project cost was covered by grant funding!

Design of the project included new PVC water main, new PVC sanitary sewer and RCP storm sewer. Sanitary sewer in some areas was lined using a CIPP process, which avoided digging in yards. Manholes were either replaced or lined. The pavement section included geotextile fabric, aggregate base course and asphalt surfacing. Many trees in boulevard areas were removed to facilitate roadway and utility improvements. The project area included complete reconstruction of approximately 25 blocks, which was completed between March and November of 2020.

The existing lift station consisted of a wet well and a dry pit valve vault which was located in the highway right-of-way. The City purchased property to allow the lift station to be relocated out of the highway right-of-way and to be replaced with a new wet well and a package above-ground lift station to include valves and controls. Complete utility infrastructure replacement.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

The Southeast Infrastructure Improvements project revitalized the neighborhood by replacing dilapidated infrastructure with new, dependable infrastructure.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Dell Rapids, SD

Infrastructure Improvements

The infrastructure investment will significantly improve and benefit the community and all residents with many years ahead with reliable infrastructure.

Infrastructure Improvements
Chancellor, SD

Water Treatment Plant

The building is expandable to add future treatment equipment that can double the treatment capacity as water demands increase in the future. With three times more water available and enough annual water appropriation to operate at full capacity all year long, the new facility has become Red Rock’s primary water source.

Water Treatment Plant
Jeffers, MN

Water System Improvements

The water tower serves as both a critical piece of Sheldon’s drinking water infrastructure and as a welcome beacon for the City.

Water System Improvements
Sheldon, IA

Drainage Channel Improvements

DGR designed the channel to handle more capacity and protect the area from future flooding, which required making the channel deeper and wider.

Drainage Channel Improvements
Sioux Falls, SD

Athletic Field Site Design

Project planning by Augustana University and DGR Engineering to upgrade Bowden Field to a championship level began in 2018, and eventually culminated in a new facility which opened for the 2023 season.

Athletic Field Site Design
Sioux Falls, SD