City of Sioux City

Sioux City, IA

Key Features:

  • New Ticket Booth – The City desired to use building year around with more space for gift shop and offices. The booth was relocated to provide more concourse area between grandstand to allow food trucks, etc. and improved pedestrian gathering and circulation.
  • Lewis and Clark Parking Lot – Existing paving was deteriorated with poor drainage and was replaced with concrete paving. Landscaped islands were introduced to delineate Line Drive through the area. Staging of improvements was coordinated with IBP Ice Center who shares the parking as well as the Sioux City Explorer’s baseball team.
  • Cone Park Parking Lot – New concrete parking was constructed to support the new Cone Park sledding, skating and splash
    pad amenities.

Key Experience:

  • Favorable weather conditions and motivated contractors allowed the project to be completed ahead of schedule.
  • Site construction meetings every two weeks to keep project on schedule and task.

Parking Lot, Booth Improvements

The City prioritized many recent renovations and improvements to Lewis and Clark Park. The ticket booth, parking lot, concourse area, sidewalk/trails in the area were in need of replacement with improved drainage. Work began in 2019 with site improvements that included replacing the parking lot with over 700 parking stalls which was shared with IBP Ice Center. New storm sewer piping of over 2,300 linear feet and 25 storm intakes were included to accomplish the improved drainage on a very flat site. Expansive soils were treated with cement and all concourse, trails and sidewalks were placed on insulation board to help guard against frost heave. A bioswale with plantings was constructed to help filter out pollutants. New LED lighting was also provided.

A new larger ticket booth construction started in fall 2020 with the goal of providing a year-round facility to support staff and provide retail space in the gift shop. The new structure was located further away from the grandstands to provide more space for spectators to gather with vendors and to improve drainage.

Bids came in favorably for the Lewis & Clark Parking Lot Improvements, so the City decided to expand the project including additional parking improvements and paving for 130 additional parking stalls at Cone Park located just east of IBP Ice Center. Other improvements included storm sewer for drainage and LED lighting along with landscaped islands at end of stalls.

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Neighborhood Revitalization

The Southeast Infrastructure Improvements project revitalized the neighborhood by replacing dilapidated infrastructure with new, dependable infrastructure.

Neighborhood Revitalization
Dell Rapids, SD

Infrastructure Improvements

The infrastructure investment will significantly improve and benefit the community and all residents with many years ahead with reliable infrastructure.

Infrastructure Improvements
Chancellor, SD

Water Treatment Plant

The building is expandable to add future treatment equipment that can double the treatment capacity as water demands increase in the future. With three times more water available and enough annual water appropriation to operate at full capacity all year long, the new facility has become Red Rock’s primary water source.

Water Treatment Plant
Jeffers, MN

Water System Improvements

The water tower serves as both a critical piece of Sheldon’s drinking water infrastructure and as a welcome beacon for the City.

Water System Improvements
Sheldon, IA

Drainage Channel Improvements

DGR designed the channel to handle more capacity and protect the area from future flooding, which required making the channel deeper and wider.

Drainage Channel Improvements
Sioux Falls, SD

Athletic Field Site Design

Project planning by Augustana University and DGR Engineering to upgrade Bowden Field to a championship level began in 2018, and eventually culminated in a new facility which opened for the 2023 season.

Athletic Field Site Design
Sioux Falls, SD