City of Sioux City

Sioux City, Iowa

Key Features:

  • Developing a site for a large 100,000 sq ft multi-use arena with a number of existing site constraints (gas, electrical and sanitary sewer easements, and street right-of-way that splits the site
  • Parking lot design to utilize irregularly shaped open areas
  • Site design to utilize irregularly shaped areas

Key Experience:

  • Utilizing existing storm sewer outfalls and designing a site storm sewer system that divided drainage areas based upon existing outfall capacities
  • Designing pedestrian routes from multiple parking lots to front entrance of building
  • Project coordination with different entities involved

Site Development

DGR Engineering (DGR) worked with the City and the project architect for all aspects of the project including topographic survey, site design, construction survey, construction observation and administration. With the goal of limiting impacts to the Floyd River, existing storm sewer outfalls from previous site developments were utilized along with bio-retention cells placed throughout the parking lots to improve storm water runoff quality. Parking lot and building designs were specifically matched to the irregular site shape for efficient use of the space. A parking lot along the south side of the building will provide for a shared parking option with future developments.

Site elevations were set to provide adequate surface drainage as well as pedestrian-friendly grades for building visitors and event goers. The final design utilizes the city’s proposed recreational trail adjacent to the site which will provide a pedestrian path to the building from the north parking lot. Truck turning movement modeling was used in parking lot design to provide for semitrailer routes around the building and to the proposed recessed loading docks.

DGR coordinated closely with the project’s landscape designer to develop workable solutions for complex areas of the design including acceptable height and placement of the landscape wall, as well as front entrance features which needed to allow adequate sight distance for the main parking lot and building driveway.