City of Dell Rapids

Dell Rapids, SD

Key Features:

  • Sanitary Sewer and Force Main Improvements
  • Asphalt and Gravel Surfacing Replacement

Key Experience:

  • Quartzite Bedrock Blasting and Excavation

Lift Station, Control Panel, Valve Vault

The SE Sanitary Sewer Extension project provided sanitary sewer service to a previously un-serviced area southeast of Dell Rapids, SD. A significant portion of the project area was undeveloped  with shallow quartzite bedrock which attributed to the lack of utility service provided to this area. Included with this project was a lift station, control panel and valve vault along with the installation of 3,000 feet of sanitary sewer and over 1,000 cubic yards of bedrock excavation. Also included in the project were water main and sanitary force main installation.

DGR Engineering assisted the City in securing funding for the project through preparation of a preliminary engineering report and facilities plan. Preliminary engineering services followed which included field survey and utilities data collection to develop the base plan and profile, as well as analysis for preliminary design and cost estimates for the project. DGR also completed the final design as well as construction plans and specifications for the project. Construction engineering services included bid letting services as well as construction staking, observation, and administration for the project.

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Site Development

DGR Engineering (DGR) worked with the City and the project architect for all aspects of the project including topographic survey, site design, construction survey, construction observation and administration.

Site Development
Sioux City, Iowa

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

The project was bid and came in under budget. Manhole lids were raised to provide better access in some areas, and rehabilitation of the sewer system was completed to give another 50 years of life to the City’s much-needed infrastructure.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Rembrandt, IA

Wastewater Treatment Facility

MBBR technology was chosen based on cost, operational flexibility and most importantly, limited land availability.

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Sanborn, IA

Floodplain Analysis

DGR employed a Geographic Information System (GIS) in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to first determine the 100-year flood elevations and delineate the floodway boundaries.

Floodplain Analysis
Sutherland, IA

Distribution Conversion

Due to concerns with the age and condition of the structures, along with safety clearances to energized equipment and conductors, a project was undertaken to replace the old infrastructure with new underground lines and associated padmount equipment.

Distribution Conversion
Redwood Falls, MN

Street & Utility Improvements

Morningside Avenue was reconstructed totaling approximately 1,300 linear feet. The project included new sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, fiber conduits, decorative street lighting, and 9-inch concrete paving with colored concrete sidewalks.

Street & Utility Improvements
Sioux City, IA