Osceola Rural Water System

Northwest IA

Key Features:

  • 2,400 gpm water treatment plant for iron and manganese removal
  • 1 million-gallon glass-fused steel ground storage reservoir

Key Experience:

  • Maintaining the use of existing facilities during the construction of the new water treatment plant on the same site
  • Surface resistivity aquifer testing to efficiently pinpoint high capacity wells

Treatment Plant & Well Exploration

DGR Engineering (DGR) worked closely with OCRWS to design a new Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to target iron and manganese removal from a shallow groundwater source near the site. It was designed on the existing site to minimize the project footprint and avoid additional land purchase. The new treatment process includes aeration, detention, and filtration using a gravity filter arrangement, and will increase OCRWS’s treatment capacity from 750 gpm to 2,400 gpm.

Additional source water capacity was also needed to utilize the treatment capacity of the new WTP. DGR used a surface resistivity testing program to generate multiple snapshots of the aquifer depth and production capacity. The results of the graphs were verified with test drilling, and two new high capacity well sites were identified.

Increasing demands at the new WTP made additional on-site storage necessary. A 1 million-gallon glass-fused steel ground storage reservoir was constructed to accommodate these needs.
The total construction cost of the new WTP project was $7.8 million, which was financed using a combination of Iowa State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan and private funding through CoBank. The SRF funding included a forgivable loan for the generator equipment.