Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water

Edgerton, MN

Key Features:

  • Two ground storage reservoirs (400,000 gallons each)
  • Pump station with four separate discharge directions
  • Chemical addition

Key Experience:

  • SCADA and electrical work to control operation of new Edgerton pump station and cooperate with several other facilities in the service area

Pump Station & Storage Reservoirs

The new Edgerton Pump Station (EPS) was constructed in 2016/2017 to facilitate bringing purchased water from Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C) to the LPRW system.

A 21-mile, 14″ pipeline was constructed by LPRW in conjunction with the new EPS to deliver water to the ground storage reservoirs (GSR’s) from the L&C Magnolia meter station.  The EPS has seven high service pumps and four separate discharge headers, including a future option, to deliver water into the LPRW system.  The EPS was built to reduce reliance on the Holland water treatment plant, which will be decommissioning the reverse osmosis process.

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