City of Luverne

Luverne, MN

Key Features:

  • 300,000 gallon water storage tank
  • 100% solids interior coating and fluoropolymer exterior coating
  • Blasting debris and paint containment shroud
  • Abatement of exterior lead based paint
  • Energy efficient lighting system to illuminate tank logos

Key Experience:

  • Removal and abatement of lead-based paint
  • Intricate logo and logo lighting system design

Water Storage Tank Coating

The City of Luverne, Minnesota owns and operates a water storage tank that was built in 1945. The tank is a riveted style of construction that was built prior to the full implementation of electric-arc welding. Being less than 20 miles away, DGR Engineering made an initial investigative inspection of the existing coatings to determine an appropriate maintenance strategy.  A sample of the exterior paint was removed and analyzed for lead content. Test results showed the paint had a lead concentration that would require abatement.

Abatement of the lead based paint was achieved by requiring a lead stabilizing abrasive additive, a containment shroud with air-impenetrable walls, ceiling, and floors, and safe collection and disposal of the contaminated abrasive media.

In addition to containing the removed lead-based paint, the containment shroud prevented blasting media and newly applied paint from drifting off-site to the adjacent residential housing and busy state highway.