City of Sioux City

Sioux City, IA

Key Features:

  • 2,000,000 gallon water storage tank with 32 legs
  • 100% solids interior coating and fluoropolymer exterior coating
  • Blasting debris and paint containment shroud

Key Experience:

  • Close coordination with antenna owners to maintain communication services during construction
  • Challenging surface preparation and coating application to several structural steel members on the interior wet portion of the tank
  • Representative dry film thickness testing 100,000 square feet of surface area

Water Storage Tank Repainting

The Morningside elevated water storage tank has been providing water service to Sioux City residents and businesses since 1958. DGR Engineering evaluated the condition of the existing coatings to determine an appropriate maintenance strategy. The selected strategy is expected to provide excellent corrosion protection to the structure for 25-30 years into the future.

The residential location of the tank caused the City to include a containment shroud as a project requirement. The shroud successfully prevented blasting debris and paint from drifting off-site to neighboring properties.

In just under four months, the tank was drained, sandblasted, and nearly 1,900 gallons of paint applied to over 100,000 square feet of surface area.  The tank was then returned to service.