City of Pella

Pella, IA

Key Features:

  • 6-position 69 kV ring bus
  • Four 69 kV line terminals
  • Two 69/12.47 kV transformers
  • New 15 kV distribution switchgear lineup
  • Interconnections with existing generation plant

Key Experience:

  • Design and coordination for cutover and expansion while keeping existing substation energized.

West Substation Conversion

DGR provided design, procurement, construction administration services for conversion of the existing substation needed to accommodate generation interconnection from the new Red Rock Hydro Project.  Project increased area transmission reliability and local load serving capability.

The project required conversion of existing 69 kV single bus into a six-position ring bus.  Required using existing equipment, relocating existing equipment, and installing new equipment.  Required extensive design planning and outage coordination to keep existing high-voltage and control circuits energized throughout construction.  Included full protection and control replacement.

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