West River Lyman-Jones Rural Water Systam

Murdo, SD

Key Features:

  • 70 total miles of pipeline, including Phase 2 and 3
  •  Two stream crossings over 500 ft in length

Key Experience:

  •  Trenchless technologies used to minimize fish and wildlife disturbance

Pipeline Construction

Construction of the North Core Pipeline project consisted of approximately 70 miles of pipeline from near Ft. Pierre to Philip, four ground storage reservoirs, and four pump stations.  The project included 12-inch through 16-inch diameter pipe, valves, stream crossings, and miscellaneous appurtenant work.  The pipeline route followed the route of Highways 14/34 with some cross-country segments.  Stream crossings were installed using a directional boring method as to avoid disturbance to fish and wildlife.  The pipeline system was designed for over 1,700 gpm and brought water service to rural customers and small communities in western South Dakota.