WEB Water Development Association

Aberdeen, SD

Key Features:

  • Paralleling 4 miles of existing 18” DIP mainline with a new 24” DIP zinc-coated mainline pipe
  • New pipe and future booster station to increase capacity
  • Rural Development funded
  • Industry leading Cathodic Protection for four miles of 24” DIP
  • Quick turnaround saved $1 million in interest payments

Key Experience:

  • Meet funding deadlines and requirements, advocate for clients in the funding process
  • Incorporate the newest technology to extend a project’s life and make operations and maintenance easier
  • DGR helps clients invested in infrastructure today will be well utilized for decades to come

Mainline Improvements

This project helped WEB Water design a new transmission pipeline and mainline booster station to increase their mainline delivery capacity.

DGR Engineering fast-tracked the preliminary reports to meet a USDA-RD funding deadline. The quick turnaround on these reports helped WEB Water lock in historically low interest rates and save over $1 million in interest over the life of the loan.

HDR Engineering was brought to the team to provide an industry-leading cathodic protection design. The ductile iron pipe was integrated into the existing impressed current cathodic protection system, but DGR Engineering didn’t stop there. They looked at new technology in the industry, and added a zinc coating to the ductile iron pipe for extra protection against corrosive soils. DGR also specified V-Bio® polywrap.

DGR engineers carefully designed a new mainline booster station to work seamlessly with potential future expansion with only minor modifications being necessary along the way. The booster station included an air-over-water surge tank, which was designed to work with potential future expansion. The surge tank and other pressure relief valves will protect the pipeline during a power outage or in the event of a rapidly closing valve. The careful surge design will allow WEB Water to maximize pipeline capacity, while safely operating at velocities up to 6 – 7 feet per second.

DGR helped WEB Water design four miles of 24” zinc coated ductile iron pipeline and a mainline booster station. This will increase WEB Water’s mainline transmission capacity through a critical portion of their system by 2.8 MGD. The pipeline was completed on time and under budget. The booster station will be completed by the end of 2018.

Featured Projects

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Fuel System, Terminal, Hangars

Design and construction services for support facilities at the new Sioux County Regional Airport. 

Fuel System, Terminal, Hangars
Sioux County, IA

New Airport Development

DGR led the design and construction phase engineering for the development of a new $30 million airport. Tasks included all phases of design and construction engineering activities.

New Airport Development
Sioux County, IA

Runway/Taxiway/Electrical Systems

DGR Engineering collaborated with a long-standing airport engineering partner at the Watertown, SD Regional Airport to provide electrical design and construction services for the airport including runway and taxiway lights, lighted signs and airport electrical systems upgrades.

Runway/Taxiway/Electrical Systems
Watertown, SD

Pump Station & Storage Reservoirs

The new Edgerton Pump Station (EPS) was constructed to facilitate bringing purchased water from Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C) to the LPRW system. 

Pump Station & Storage Reservoirs
Edgerton, MN

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

DGR Engineering has experience in sanitary sewer rehabilitation including: CIPP sewer main lining, service line grouting or lining (top hat), structure rehabilitation, and other related techniques.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Ellsworth, Balaton & Hendricks, MN

Site Development

DGR performed the boundary and topographic surveying as well as the site design of school building addition as a subconsultant.

Site Development
Rock Rapids, IA