Milford Municipal Utilities

Key Features:

  • 47 kV Distribution System
  • Power Plant
  • Single Substation w/2 Transformers
  • Water Treatment Facilities

Key Experience:

  • Electric System Modeling
  • Protective Clothing Recommendations
  • Safety Rules and Code Compliance
  • Training Personnel on Arc Flash Safety

Arc Flash Hazard Study

DGR provided a detailed arc flash hazard study for the electric distribution system for Milford Municipal Utilities. The study provided an easily updateable analysis of the primary distribution system, easy to understand tables for secondary systems, a detailed section by section analysis of the substation, as well as tabular results for the City’s water treatment facilities.

DGR utilizes a unique approach to arc flash studies to control cost as well as provide an easily updateable product to lessen the expense of future arc flash hazard study updates.

Our approach utilizes the latest Windmil® Modeling Software to develop a thorough electrical model of the system, allowing for more accurate analysis and lessening the need for overly cumbersome protective clothing.