Hendricks Community Hospital

Hendricks, MN

Key Features:

  • Addition to the Hospital Facility
  • Heliport
  • Detention Pond
  • Mobile MRI Bay
  • Replacement of facility parking

Key Experience:

  • Project Coordination with architect, general contractor and subcontractors
  • Cooperation in adjacent city street project
  • USDA funding


Site Development

Hendricks Community Hospital added to their existing facility, which required the completion of several smaller projects in conjunction with the overall construction project.

The hospital facility addition design included City utility connections, accounting for the increased traffic on the local road system, excavation to accommodate the new addition, a storm water study to mitigate the additional impervious area created, a new heliport facility, as well as a mobile MRI parking bay.

The true test of the project was to combine all of these design challenges with a building design team and ownership group to coordinate and communicate the expectations and responsibilities for all the project stakeholders.  All of these factors were navigated to culminate in an anticipated facility opening date of fall of 2015 for the Hendricks community.