City of Estherville, Iowa

Estherville, IA

Key Features:

  • 1,200 gpm gravity filter expansion / addition
  • Bacteriological removal of ammonia
  • Transfer pumps to above grade ground storage reservoir
  • High service pumps to distribution

Key Experience:

  • Coordination of expansion while maintaining water treatment operation
  • Managing gravity flow and adequate service to zeolite softening system
  • Coordinate design to maintain system hydraulics

Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The City of Estherville operates an iron and manganese removal and zeolite softening facility. The plant had adequate softening capacity for growth, but had exceeded the rapid sand filtration capacity of the facility. The expansion was rated at 1,200 gpm and included the following work:

Construction of a water treatment plant expansion of 1200 gpm capacity, including concrete gravity filter cells, masonry building, yard and process piping, line shaft turbine high service and backwash pumps, horizontal split case transfer pumps, HVAC, electrical and control, site work and miscellaneous appurtenant work.