City of Hull

Hull, IA

Key Features:

  • Two multi-cell Submerged Aerated Gravel Reactor (SAGR) cells for ammonia removal
  • Ultraviolet disinfection for E. Coli removal
  • System designed to operate effectively during winter months.

Key Experience:

  • The system design utilized existing treatment components to save the City construction cost.
  • The components are designed to work during cold winter months while minimizing operator time on site.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Designed a SAGR system to be utilized as a polishing step following the City’s aerated lagoon system. The system includes a synthetic liner, aeration lines, rock media, an insulating mulch layer, control structures, and related piping.

Following the SAGR system, a UV disinfection system eliminates bacteria. Also designed a standby generator and related system controls for the SAGR and UV equipment.